View Full Version : Neat Mustang Exhaust

10-30-2005, 06:58 AM
I saw this on a Unique Performance 350SR Mustang at Goodguys and thought I would share. I guess it is the same as the Elanor sans the rocker panel cladding. Although I do not care for the Elanor I really like this, clean and simple. A nice detail for a car with an exhaust challenged rear suspension (super low or maybe an IRS).


10-30-2005, 08:21 PM
That does look good but its SO MUCH work to get them to fit right.

10-31-2005, 04:38 AM
What about heat problems with the paint? It also seems that the box section in the chassis that they run though would also get pretty hot...maybe even creeping into the interior.

It seem the cool factor is directly proportional to the amount of work...

10-31-2005, 12:09 PM
I've thought about that kind of setup. I think you really have to cut the crap out of the TQ boxes... but if you are running a non-stock rear suspension, I guess that might not be a big problem.


Travis B
10-31-2005, 01:16 PM
Thats looks pretty good I dig the oval tip....we have done a few cars with round exhaust coming out the side!