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10-29-2005, 07:40 AM
Well, it's official. The L98 and T56 have attended their last track day mounted in my Z. Went to Putnam park (Mt Meridian, In outside of Indy) Saturday to run with the Indy Mustang club. Track was great, group was courteous and ran the event well, car and driver performed as well as can be expected.

Notes: Nitto 555R2 tires rock as track day tires, but wear like victoracers. don't expect more than 3 events out of a set. Grip was amazing, came up to temp quickly and were very predictable. at $800 a set including shipping and mounting, they are a reasonable cost as well.

October is cold in Indiana! threatened rain all week, even as we drove up, but not a drop hit the track all day.

Small turnout due to the threatening weather made for lots of track time with clear views both ahead and behind. great times.

only 1 car seemed faster than me in my run group, a fully track day prepared 89 corvette (We were the only 2 chevys). Apparently the guy lives close to the track because he told me this was his third track event at the track THIS MONTH. He was serious about track time. So serious that I doubt the car had been washed since 1993! :slap:

I had a 1998 BMW M3 behind me for 2/3 of a session with his camera on, I gave him my email address, I hope to have video soon.

The best cars there? 2 (yes 2) completely accurate replicas of Ford's GT 40. A yellow one and a blue one. The yellow one was in the beginners group and never really opened it up, and the blue one didn't go on the track except for pace laps at lunch. Still jaw dropping :jawdrop: gorgeous cars.

Anyway. I have a couple small projects to finish in the garage (more electric and lights, clean and organize) before I rip into the car. Motor and tranny should be out by the middle of November. still trying to decide whether to sell the L98/t56 or keep them for a transplant into something older later (68-72 nova, 78-80 monte carlo, 67-68 camaro)

James "Honey, Racing is out of my system for the winter, I swear!" Greenwell

David Pozzi
11-04-2005, 06:07 PM
Thanks for the tire info and report. Do you rate the Nitto's better than the VR 710's or about the same???