View Full Version : Help me with front suspension mods

11-09-2015, 02:31 PM
My application is twin I beam Ranger. I'd like to go to MII or vette suspension but want to do a cheaper, simpler, medium step before I go that far.

The I beam captures both ball joints and camber change is a problem since the spindle is essentially dangling at the end of a very long lever.

What I'm thinking about doing is keeping the beam, chopping off the top ball joint mount and adding something resembling an adjustable mustang II upper arm. But I'm not sure how this will effect geometry and I want it to be safe. So, in essence the lower arm will be very long. The beam pickup points are pretty much on the opposite framerail. And one arm stock length. I'd be keeping my Ranger spindle to start out. I'd also plan to use coil overs either shortly thereafter or immediately.

One side benefit is that I think I would be able to convert to rack and pinion steering. You can't do it on the beams because the arm of the beam and the arm of the tie rod ends causes nasty bumpsteer. Does anyone see why the R&P wouldn't work? The suspension arm needs to start at around the same point as where the tie rod end connects to the rack.

11-09-2015, 08:00 PM
Someone just posted in The Outhouse about a complete C4 in a pick-a-part. Figured that might interest you.