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10-15-2015, 12:06 AM
Friday October 9, 2015
Story & Photos: Brandy Phillips

It is rare for major companies like K&N to open their doors to the public allowing them a chance to get a
behind-the-scenes look at just what they do. When word that Optima Ultimate Street Car competitors were
invited to showcase their cars at K&N, we jumped on the opportunity to join in.


K&N Inaugural Car Show kicked off Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car Auto Club Speedway event.
About half of the competitors racing that weekend stopped by with their cars along with a handful of other
brand ambassador vehicles.


There were quite a few familiar faces at the event. John Lazorack was one of the first to arrive with his



Bob Boileau and his ’66 Datsun 520 Truck were also parked when we arrived. If you’ve ever taken a look at
this thing up close, you’ll see the detailed work that’s gone into this truck. Spend a couple minutes talking to
Bob and you’ll hear just how much he knows about setting up a track-prepped vehicle. If you’re lucky he may
even give you a couple driving tips. I advise that you listen closely because driving tips from a track owner
are very rare to come by, but greatly appreciated.


We were surprised to see Valerie with her ’88 Pontiac GTA since they’ve been traveling the country
participating in a handful of pro-touring race events. I was only able to keep up with her whereabouts
because everyone kept tagging her on Facebook as she went from one state to the next. We are glad she is
back on the west coast though and missed her greatly while she was away.


Others rolled in just before afternoon. Mary and David Pozzi came out with Mary’s ’73 Camaro. Mary has
become quite famous (not that she wasn’t already) coming off her SCCA Nationals win. Word is she’s even in
the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. The issue is still out on stands in case any of you are interested. I will
be getting my copy tomorrow hopefully.


We were unsure if Matt Alcala would be in attendance and had no idea which vehicle he would be bring if he
did attend. Lucky for us, Matt brought out the ‘69 Camaro.



There were several other OUSCS participants that attended the K&N Open House. For many, they wanted to
check out the K&N Facility and take a tour around the factory. For OUSCS competitors there was an additional
perk in attending the event- TECH.



Yes, Jimi Day opened tech early allowing those who attended the K&N Open House to also get the opportunity
to have their cars go through tech and get their decals. This was a huge advantage since no one really wanted
to bother with tech first thing Saturday morning.


A manufactures midway was also on display where companies like RideTech, Wilwood, TCI Engineering, and
Detroit Speed brought out a couple displays, showcased cars and answered questions.


Food was available at the K&N Open House. Since the temps reached well above 100 degrees on Friday,
smoothies and cold water were in high demand with the food vendors.


Many people found shelter in the K&N lobby, enjoying the cooler conditions than what outside had to offer. I
was one of those who sat down for quite a period of time not wanting to go back outside to sit by my truck. A
huge thank you goes out to the K&N staff that had to deal with all of us coming and going through their lobby
and putting up with noise throughout the day.


K&N also invited their employees to take a break, enjoy lunch and cruise the parking lot to look at the cars
and talk to the drivers. It was a perfect time for many of the employees to meet some of the K&N/ Spectre
Performance/ Airaid brand ambassadors in person, look at competitors’ vehicles up close and relax before
heading back to their desk.


By 2pm drivers started to pack up and head out as the track opened allowing people to park trailers, get their
garage space organized and prep for the next day’s race.


Overall the event was a hit. I was quite surprised at the turnout in both vehicles and spectator for an early
Friday Car Show. It was a great opportunity to meet new people, talk to old friends and learn about the
history behind the K&N name.


Over the years I have traveled across the country under the Spectre name, participated in almost every pro
touring series and had a chance to visit many different companies who hosted open house events in junction
with race events. When looking back on those opportunities the race events start to blend, but I still
remember each open house that I attended. Opportunities like the K&N Open House are rare. When an
chance to attend an open house occurs, we do our best to participate because we know that this may be the
only chance we will get to step foot beyond the employee doors and take a closer look at that company.


We want to thank K&N for hosting the kickoff party to the last Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car
event. We want to compliment their organization and accommodations that were provided as well. Hopefully
this will not be a one-time event, but if it is we were there.

For more about K&N or to check out their product line visit: http://www.knfilters.com/

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