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06-13-2015, 01:29 PM
I have been lurking around and checking out everybody else builds and learning what i could. So i have finally decided to post a build thread. This is Roxy, my 77 C10. It was bagged and body dropped, It had a full custom chassis under it, and it would cruise and steer 1/2" off the ground. I built a 355 for it with a forged crank, H-beams rods, and dish pistons, with a set of World Sportsmen 2 heads with a 76cc chamber. giving me a ratio of 8:1. Next came a 6-71 blower. Fed with a set of gold plated edelbrocks. ( this project was put together with wheeling and dealing). and a big blower cam. Had the TH350 built to handle the engine. Had a 2500 stall converter, and I already had an Impala rear axle, still with the 3.08 gears. This is what the previous version of the truck looked like.

I drove it for awhile and abused it pretty good. The problem with it was that the truck was cool to drive, but it wasn't fun to drive. it was alot of work and it didn't handle worth a damn. So on to phase 3 of the project.

I ended up parting out most of the truck to friends, and i got a rolling chassis and nice body to start over with. The frame i had wouldn't have been condusive to try and modify to what i wanted to do. So after researching and reading everything i could find on making a c10 handle i went to work.

I went to work on the crossmember, and notched it 3" to raise it up around the frame.
I sectioned part of it to clear for a Rack and pinion from an 88 Tbird.
I used Mcgaughy's drop spindles with 13" disc brake kit and 2 piston calipers.
The control arms i ended up using were a set of DJM Drop arms that i got for $100. The coils are an unknown amount of drop.
I did the caster mod with the lower control arms and pushed the lowers forward 3/4" and drilled out the pins and replaced them with 7/16-20 allen cap bolts in grade B16 for strength with a set of toplock nuts.
Giving me a total of about 10" drop in the front.
I bought a Longacre caster/camber gauge and have been setting up all the front geometry, and have been working on my Instant centers and roll centers, and am getting it close to were it shouldn't handle like an old truck anymore.

I built a set of Bumpsteer adjusters to fit the C10 spindles.

Transmission was replaced with a T56 from a 95 Camaro, and clutch and billet flywheel are from local place here in san diego.

The rear end right now has flip kit, 3 leafs removed, and a drop shackle. This is what came on the truck when i got it, and i have not gotten that far i mods yet.

So i did a few upgrades on the engine this time around. I upgraded to a set of Holley 750 Dp that are boost referenced.


And to feed the carburetors and the boost gauge, i built a boost/vacuum distribution block that bolts to the back of the heads.

I also had an issue with headers, i had a set of block huggers that i hated and they created a tremendous amount of heat due to the bends required to clear the last frame. So this time i wanted to go with long tubes that are off the shelf. And an issue C10's have is ground clearence with long tubes, so a few modifications and i am good to go.

So this is where i am at right now. Still finishing up dialing in the front end geometry and then finish welding crossmember and boxing and re inforcing the frame. I also have a 10 point cage that will be going in.

A little sneak view from inside.

Will continue to update as the Navy allows me time to work on my truck...

06-15-2015, 09:53 AM
Domer, are you in SoCal?

So far I like all versions of the truck!

06-15-2015, 02:30 PM
Yes I am, I'm in San Diego. East county area

06-17-2015, 06:03 PM
got my 305/30-20 mocked up. Gonna run them all the way around on a set of 20x10's.

and compared to my 275/35-20 that were on the rear.

01-09-2016, 09:17 PM
SO my final geometry came out to 8* caster, -1* camber, wheels centered in wheel wells, and 11" drop in the front, 7" in the rear(for now). I/C and Roll Center came out pretty close. Still think i am gonna add a +.5" upper balljoint to improve R/C a little bit.122033

01-12-2016, 08:43 AM
The truck section doesn't get a lot of love on this sight, but I must say your truck is awesome. I too have a square and while I may not be going as far as you have I do like what I see. I noticed you added some frame bracing did you notice a big difference from that?

01-16-2016, 11:31 AM
your gonna like having some tire under there. are you planning on auto crossing? I have a 94 c1500 and i am running 335/35/19 nt05's on all 4 corners and this thing corners like its on rails, plus a few susp. mods, but having alot of tire under the truck really helps in the corners. your build is looking sweet cant wait to see updates!

01-21-2016, 10:39 AM
Thanks for the good words. Traffic is slow on alot of the forums. damn social media.. The truck is far from finished, as is my center bracing section. So far, jack tests show the frame to be pretty rigid. Plus i have a 10 point cage im building into it, so that should help strengthen everything. My biggest problem being that i am deploying next month, so the truck is gonna sit till i get home.. As for the tires, Im not sure i can fit much bigger up front with as low as i am. I will see where i end up with this setup, as i bought all my tires used for pennies on the dollar. If i can fit some 325 or 335's would be awesome. as of right now, i have some sidewall, but would like more. As for the purpose of the truck, i dont really know. i just want a fun truck, that is a blast to drive. I may race it, but im mostly just calling it a street fighter/road racer.

01-24-2016, 02:32 PM
Here are some updates, got the body put on. Fit pretty well. Got a little work to do.