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04-22-2015, 01:02 PM
Hi guys, I have a friend that's turning his 75 international pickup into a pro-touring vibed machine. He's has a 396 sbc and is getting a tko 600. We're wondering what flywheel he needs to run and if the bell housing material is a big deal (aluminum vs steel). He's about 500/500 hp/tq. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Schwartz Performance
04-22-2015, 02:47 PM
This is more of a TKO to SBC question than an International pickup question, lol.

You can use a stock flywheel, just need to be sure if it's internal or externally balanced.

Steel bell housings are recommended since they're shatter proof. But the aluminum is cheaper. So the safety/cost is up to you.


04-25-2015, 07:17 AM
Yeah I guess you're right about my posting being off, sorry about that but thanks for the help Dale