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10-18-2005, 07:29 AM
I have a 67 firebird w/ PAE Switch pitch(variable pitch) th400 transmission(1400 low stall/4000 high stall) and 26.1" tire. Car will be in low stall most of the time except when I press the switch I have around the shifter. Motor is a (high torque)Pontiac 455(469 ci) stroker w/ hydraulic roller cam 236/244 @.50 with 525 Horse Power. I now have to order a new rear-end(as i mini-tubbed the car and have to shorten the rear-end) and I was going to go with either a Moser 12 bolt or Currie 9" posi rear-end.

Car is for street/strip use(a bit more street)...Which Gear Ratio would you recommend for my set-up and would you recommend a Moser, Currie or other??? Detroit locker, eaton limited slip(the quietest)???

BTW peak power band is between 4900-6000 RPMS and car is for both street/strip use(a bit more street w/ some high-way driving).

Thanks, Chris

10-18-2005, 08:33 AM
If it were my car, I would go with the 12 bolt with c-clip eleminators and 3.55's max. The 12 bolt is lighter and uses less HP to turn but the 9" is stronger.

People tend to overrev the Pontiac 455 so that is why I would go with the 3.55's. They are TQ motors.

Those switch pitch converters are nice. I remember Kenne-Bell ran them years ago in their Buicks and they ran hard.