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With the 2015 race season approaching quickly, many are in search for events to add to their calendar. Our rapidly growing sport is sweeping across the nation, with events popping up over the entire county. When these pro-touring events first started, they were far and few between, but now you can find something to do almost every weekend. With several events to choose from, people start to factor in which events suit them better, which have more track time and which they can afford.


Hotchkis announced that they will not only be hosting the NMCA Autocross in Fontana, California, but they will be adding four more events across the country. The official announcement came during SEMA, but we wanted to spend a little more time talking in depth about the Hotchkis events and why you should consider them.


I had the opportunity to participate in my first Hotchkis NMCA Autocross event right before SEMA. It was the only event (close to home) that allowed us to test the C10R before debuting the truck at SEMA. I chose Saturday to cover the event for Pro-Touring.com and Sunday to buckle up and get some laps in. This was the first official event the truck had ever competed in, so I was looking for a wide open course (didn’t want to mess the truck up before heading to SEMA) with a good amount of seat time and the ability for my crew to watch how the truck handled without standing from the grand stands.


The Hotchkis Autocross fit the bill perfectly. The event was ran by a group called the Racing Byrds.


I know Rob and Trish personally and have nothing but positive comments about them and their program. The Racing Byrds are somewhat new to running autocross events, but that’s hard to believe as a participant or spectator. They have hosted several race events over the past year and have had a remarkable turnout. From timing to instructions, laps and even the awards, the event ran extremely smooth.


John Hotchkis and his group have been strong advocates of the pro-touring race community for a very long time. With a race history himself, John is an amazing instructor with great advice. He is very welcoming, even to those who are new to the sport.


John typically bring out a couple of his employees and some Hotchkis cars to run on the track, give tips and even give ride-alongs when needed.




October’s event brought out several familiar faces, including some looking for extra seat time before the Optima Ultimate Street Car invitational. Driver’s like Jordan Priestly brought out his 2011 Camaro to dial it in before heading to Vegas.



We also caught up with Jake Rozelle, known as “The Kid.” Jake spent most of his time with the MAVTV crew as they documented his journey to OUSCI in his 1969 Camaro.



Other faces included the crew from TCI Engineering.



Ed Moss was also getting some last minute seat time with his Mustang before competing at the Optima Invitational.


There were several fifth gen Camaros that took to the track as well that weekend. This gave them a chance to show off their aftermarket performance parts; putting their cars to the test while having a good time. Often car clubs will join for one or two days, coming out with several members and participating in the Hotchkis Autocross events. It’s an inexpensive way to spend the weekend, especially for those looking to get into the sport.



The coolest part of these Hotchkis Autocross events are the people are cars that come out to compete. You get all sorts of vehicles on the autocross from ’69 to 5th gen Camaros, some Mopar action, a couple imports, etc. You can see from some of the photos below there was quite a wide variety from the October event:





It was also refreshing to see several new faces; many that do not participate in the mainstream pro-touring race events. When you realize just how big the pro-touring race movement and autocross have become, it’s neat to go to an event like and watch the sport continue to grow.

Hotchkis and Racing Byrds stated a new award system called the Hotchkis Cup. Though there are awards based on classes, there is ultimately one winner. The Hotchkis Cup will be returned back at each event and passed around to the new ultimate winner for the weekend.


As for the results form the past October event, you can find the official posting on the Racing Byrds Facebook Page:


We did want to highlight one particular driver before we conclude the recap on October’s event. The awards were greatly anticipated because no one honestly knew who would win the first ever Hotchkis Cup. In order to win the cup, you had to compete in both Saturday and Sunday’s autocross. Rita Wilsey’s name was announced at the end of the weekend as the first ever Hotchkis Cup recipient. First let’s talk about Rita. The woman is an amazing driver. She had an injury that weekend, but that did not stop her from putting some insane times down in her 2000 Corvette. Furthermore, many did not even see her as a threat; the best part of the weekend I’d say! As I walked by her Corvette several times throughout the weekend; I will admit that I did not give it much attention. This woman became a true inspiration to myself and many others that weekend and I can’t wait to see her back out again.


Complete Slideshow Gallery HERE:

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s385.photobucket.com/user/protouringdotcom/embed/slideshow/Pro-Touring%20Events/NMCA%20Hotchkis%20Autocross%20Oct%202014"></iframe>

If one of the Hotchkis Autocross events is something you might be interested in, feel free to visit our threads regarding details about their events including dates, registration, and announcements. If you are looking to break into the sport for the first time or just want to take your car around the track to see what it is capable of, I highly recommend this venue.

Visit our Event Calendar for dates and locations on the 2015 Hotchkis Autocross Events:


Newly Added Hotchkis Autocross Events:

Street Machine and Muscle Car Nationals – Pomona, California
The DuQuion Street Machine Nationals – DuQuoin, Illinois
The Street Machine Summer Nationals – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Fall Street Machine Nationals – Springfield, Illinois

For more information on the 2015 Hotchkis Autocross Events:

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Very cool recap and details about the event. Attended this one and look forward to many more. I hope to see more members of the forum community out at the events this next year.

01-28-2015, 01:18 PM
No surprise that Rita won - she's a great driver. So good in fact that she was the first women to win in Open class B Street Prepared!

01-28-2015, 06:53 PM
Good times with fun peeps! looking forward to bombing back across the desert for the next one...

SRD art
01-28-2015, 10:27 PM
We had a blast! My daughter rode along with me and my son took pics and video. Looking forward to more fun this year!

02-16-2015, 12:54 PM
Thank you for the kind words Brandy. I think having such great particants also help make a great event. Looking forward to seeing you at many events this year.

As far as the Hotchkis Cup goes, each event will have its own cup, so the winner will get to keep what they won per event.

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