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11-27-2014, 06:34 AM
Well here it goes, I got this project from a buddy of mine. Was just going to put a motor and tranny in it like everyone else and just drive it. But of course I took it apart was going to freshen up something's and just put it back together. Needless to say it didn't end up that way. So I ended up cleaning everything up and mounting it to my jig table. Cut the center cross member out fab a new one. Fab up new truck arm mounts. Took the truck arms apart and cleaned them up. In the process of putting them back together right now. Plan on running a quick change with grand national hubs all the way around. Have been setting up the front suspension but doing a lot of measuring to make sure I get all my measuring in order. Been talking to a spindle company going to get custom spindle made to fit my application. I got a ls with mods to go in it. I hope to be pretty quick but I don't want to take away from the stock look of the out side of the truck. I pretty much want to make a sleeper. Well that's pretty much where I'm at this point. I'll keep you posted on pics.

11-27-2014, 06:53 AM
Sounds like a cool project. I'm building a '67 C10 myself. Any pics?

11-27-2014, 07:34 PM
Sounds cool. Cant wait to see progress.

11-28-2014, 08:04 AM
Sounds like fun, let me know if I can help in any way.

11-28-2014, 06:48 PM
well i got a chance to get a pic today in the shop, my shop is jam packed cause of the holidays. I will be glad to be back monday to get it all straightened out so i can work. Plus been busy on a car we are trying to get ready for next years street machine of the year. Cross your fingers it does well. but here is a pic of the new crossmember and the center gussets got to finish the front exhaust holes like the back ones. but im hoping that i can put this and box the front in to take the twist out of it and not have to put a roll cage in it and have bars everywhere.
https://static1.pt-content.com/images/noimg.gif (http://postimg.org/image/v74teavdr/)

12-01-2014, 07:54 AM
Hello, new to the forum... I have seen a lot of guys do beefed up crossmembers with the exhaust running through them, my question is, what happens if you blow a motor mount? The tunnels always seem very tight and it makes me reluctant to try it. I always worry the exhaust will start rubbing on the tunnels.

12-02-2014, 02:41 PM
Run good motor mounts and they don't break. At least I cant break them.

12-04-2014, 07:47 PM
I haven't never had one break or blow out. The frame on the truck is basically six inches thick. I'm running three inch exhaust with v bands as the connectors all the way from collector to muffler then to a exhaust cutout. That will dump in front of tires to try and gain a little hp while at track or when I need it. So with the six inch rail and a three inch v band the pipe in the crossmember is four and half inch round. Should be a lot of room for play.