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10-24-2014, 10:22 AM
I'm fairly new to this, Ive been working on cars with my dad since i was little so i know my way around for the most part. at the moment im building a 89 Nissan 240sx with a 4.0L v8 power plant. but once that is done id like to start working on my DD which is a 94 S10 SS. id like it to be something that i can drive on the street to work and where ever else i go but id also like to throw it on the track and have some fun at the same time. so im thinging about putting a 4 link with coils in the rear, along with tubular upper and lower a arms + coils up front, race seat and the other normal safety items that id need. Over kill or no? does anyone have any suggestions.


10-24-2014, 04:23 PM
Unless you have the cash and are serious about track time. You probably wont need the tubular arms and coilovers. I don't need them for mine either, but I want them for ride height adjust ability and I have to have the tubular arms to use the coilovers up front. Its mostly about what you want to do and making it work for your budget. So its up to you. As far as need them I would say not, but sure would be cool. lol... Good luck!

10-24-2014, 06:03 PM
Unless you are really wanting to spend some money I would say the 4 link is not needed. A set of leaf springs to drop the rear 2" and a pan hand bar or a watts link would go a long way. There are some options for the arms if you want to go with some SpeedWay uppers and then get tall ball joints.