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08-14-2014, 02:37 PM
The official point standings were revised and released on USCA's Website right after the USCA Portland Event two weeks ago. We wanted to take a better look at this chart below.
Here are the official points leaders throughout the 2014 USCA Race Season:


Below you will see columns with each class, the winners along with their year, make and model, and which event they had won in that class.

GT2K anyone running a vehicle under 3000lbs dry weight that is a 2WD
GT3K anyone running a vehicle over 3000lbs dry weight that is 2WD
AWD- well that's obvious- no weight limit division in this class
Spirit of the Event Award- This award is presented by K&N to a competitor that has displayed true passion and motivation while at a USCA event. Usually that person has a story to tell, has a great attitude and personality, might be considered an underdog, and/or usually does not place in the very top of the field. This award gives people a chance to have an opportunity to go to OUSCI without the high dollar car/parts and several track days under their belt.


Of course we can't forget about the returning 2013 champ Brian Hobaugh. He has an automatic entry into this year's OUSCI to defend his title.


Next, USCA has the top 10 points leaders ranked in order. The X marked by some of the names means that person has already won an invite to OUSCI. They are not eligible for another award, though they still lead in points. This is an important column to watch as the next three USCA events take place and new winners (possibly some of these points leaders listed here) claim an invite to OUSCI.


Finally the most important column, the points leaders. These are the competitors that have dedicated their time to attending multiple USCA events across the country, but have not won an event at this point in time. This category is extremely important because there will be major changes to this category over the next three race events. Here's the deal-

USCA is taking the top 20 Points Leaders to this year's OUSCI. They will choose the top point leader from each category (GT2K, GT3K, and AWD) first. Then they will choose the remaining 17 competitors (class does not matter at this point) based on their points ranking. Why this is important to keep an eye on? The next three events are double point events. So rather than a driver getting a score of 85 total points for the weekend, their score will be doubled to 170. This can make a huge difference, especially since the next three events are back east. It will be interesting to see just who shows up to these events and how this list of people will change over the next three events.


The race is on. Who will be the top 20 point leaders to win a lucky ticket into the 2014 OUSCI in Vegas? We will be keeping a close eye on the point standings throughout the next three events and keep everyone updated on this list. Good Luck USCA competitors!

The next event is less than 8 days away.


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