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05-09-2014, 04:27 PM
Hey, I have a chance to pick up some Belltech 1" drop springs for a good price. I've got an 89 Astro van, I think I'm close to 3600 with ~65/35 distribution F/R (yeah they're insanely light in the rear and I have a shorty which is worse.) According to belltech I'm looking at springs with a 1050lb/in rate with the drop springs. This seems really high, I looked up the stockers based on Moog's info I should be at 600lb/in or so. I'd love to drop the front (rear moreso) but I'm wondering if this rate seems excessive, and if it would actually provide any real handling benefit. The PN is 4250. Thanks for any advice, I'm working on somewhat of a plan for this now after my Lemans gets into a more finished state.