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04-30-2014, 08:03 AM
Letter of Introduction, My name is Blake Wiland. I bring a unique combination of attributes to the table. I am a true hands on automotive enthusiast.(Most recent project, LSX with Magnacharger into 69 GTO.) I have owned and operated successful, retail and wholesale facilities as well as machine and fabrication shops. I have a clear understanding and comprehension of P&L and balance sheets. I have experience in purchasing and inventory control. I have successfully created and implemented business plans. I can read and interpret blueprints and engineering drawings. I have a track record of building cohesive, successful sales teams. I am able to work within deadlines. I have used and installed most replacement and performance parts and accessories. I am trained in the use of most machine shop and fabrication equipment. I am a born sales person with the ability to change my style to appeal to the customer. I have produced trade shows and set up remote sales displays at events. I have extensive experience scheduling and budgeting labor requirements. I have created and implemented a comprehensive sales and marketing program. I am experienced in sales forecasting and targeting. I bring 25 years successful retail experience achieving new sales records I am willing to relocate. Most recently I was tasked with rebuilding the retail sales department at Trail Blazers/Truckaddons.com. Within the first six months we increased sales by at least20% and sustained that rate for the next 12 months. During that time I initiated the following: Sales training for existing and new associates. Sales forecasting to improve individual performance of the wholesale team members. Increasing market penetration. Building and entirely new sales team focused upon mutual success. Velocity based pricing and price matrixing. Inventory balancing with a focus to increasing turns and profitability. Establishing strong customer relationships. Implementation of a non-negotiable set of standards for employment. It is now my goal to assume a senior level position with a growing concern that can make use of my skills and talents. I welcome the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities. Thank you for your consideration, Blake Wiland 401-219-9580 [email protected]