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03-15-2014, 08:10 AM
New to the site and wanted to share. It's a 1955 2nd series 3100 that's been in the family since 1968. Has a sbc350 that will go back in once I complete the smoothing phase on the fire wall.
Got it clipped with a 79 camaro subframe and did a flipped rear axle out back. It should sit level once motor and trans is back in it.

just some teaser pics, I'll post more in a little bit.




Bob B
03-27-2014, 09:58 PM
Welcome, JSW1986. What are your overall plans for the build?

03-28-2014, 05:53 PM

Stealth 69
06-22-2014, 03:09 PM
I love seeing the old metal pickups with a flair of pro-touring - will keep my eye open here

06-26-2014, 11:59 AM
Hell yeah

08-02-2014, 09:31 PM
So had a change of plan, posted the 350 up on CL and sold in less than 24hrs. Looks like 5.3 vortec is coming soon. Tomorrow I'll get after finishing up the smoothing of firewall and fitting front end.

03-12-2015, 07:01 AM
What's going on with the 3100?

Motown 454
03-31-2015, 08:22 PM
Nice pickup! It sounds like a great project

02-13-2016, 12:10 PM
Been a while since any updates but this thing has taken a 360 in plans... Removed the 350c purchased a 5.3 from an 04 Yukon, then changed again to purchasing a zl1 camaro supercharger where I'm still in the works of finishing that up. My brother has been a huge help in getting it this far.

https://static1.pt-content.com/images/pt/2016/02/image_zps2e7n86yx-1.jpg (http://s56.photobucket.com/user/jsw1986/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps2e7n86yx.jpg.html)

https://static1.pt-content.com/images/pt/2016/02/image_zpsunpbj38h-1.jpg (http://s56.photobucket.com/user/jsw1986/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsunpbj38h.jpg.html)

https://static1.pt-content.com/images/pt/2016/02/image_zpshbybg2fu-1.jpg (http://s56.photobucket.com/user/jsw1986/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpshbybg2fu.jpg.html)

https://static1.pt-content.com/images/pt/2016/02/image_zps2e7n86yx-1.jpg (http://s56.photobucket.com/user/jsw1986/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps2e7n86yx.jpg.html)

https://static1.pt-content.com/images/pt/2016/02/image_zpskavvz81v-1.jpg (http://s56.photobucket.com/user/jsw1986/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpskavvz81v.jpg.html)

https://static1.pt-content.com/images/pt/2016/02/image_zpsokfupwew-1.jpg (http://s56.photobucket.com/user/jsw1986/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsokfupwew.jpg.html)

https://static1.pt-content.com/images/pt/2016/02/image_zpshypb3pjl-1.jpg (http://s56.photobucket.com/user/jsw1986/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpshypb3pjl.jpg.html)

05-15-2019, 09:32 AM
Any updates?