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01-24-2014, 02:54 PM
Mid-Career professional looking for a new opportunity.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design - Trained in MicroSoft Office Suite, AutoCad, Illustrator, Solidworks, and Rhino.

Deep career focus on customer service and warranty. The best sales tool for your company is how it deals with the problems - my background is in cleaning up the problems in a way that your integrity and reputation remain intact, while maintaining what is fair to both sides of the discussion, and never losing sight of the bottom line.

Beyond that is an extensive background, to include:

Consumer Sales - - Production Quality & Operations - - Business Operations - - Purchasing - CAD/CAM Design - - Training
Copywriting - - Risk Management - - Trade Show Sales & Exhibit Design - - Hands-on Mechanical - - Logistics - - Call Center Mgmt.

Well suited to a medium sized growing company where an owner finds themselves spending too much time tied to a desk. I am the Operations Manager who can take much of that load, and allow the boss to focus more on the product and planning issues that continue quality and growth. I work with the Toolbox to Tuxedo method of doing whatever needs done, until it's done - while maintaining a sense of humor and a positive workplace.

Available for any relocation and travel schedule necessary to fit a quality opportunity.

Mark Mowl
[email protected]

Resume and reference available upon request.
Resume available on Linkedin - listed under Mark Mowl