View Full Version : Saw this online - Video Editor Needed

12-02-2013, 07:57 PM
I saw this on FaceBook. It's car related and probably a great gig for the high-tech Pro-Touring member.


Text from the ad:
The Smoking Tire has existed so far on four core members, but itís time to add someone new: we need an editor. We are looking for someone with experience editing on either Final Cut Pro or Premiere who shares our passion for all things automotive. Ideally, this person would be in Los Angeles, but if we find the right person elsewhere we will happily do the hard drive shuffle. Compensation will be based on both experience and hours contributed, but itís negotiable. Film / grad students, hereís a fantastic way to get hundreds of thousands of people to see your work, as well as be on the cutting edge of modern automotive media. And yes, you may even get a little wheel time out of it, as employees of The Smoking Tire are covered under press car insurance policies. If interested in the position, email [email protected] (%[email protected])m by December 21st 2013.