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08-30-2005, 03:53 PM
Hello fellow gearheads, I just recently discovered your sight, Ive been missing out. Anyway, I just purchased a motor on Ebay which after a 16 hour trip this saturday to pick up I will know how I did. Could be a long 16 hours back if its not as advertised. I paid $3500 for a .030 over 502 HO with 4000 miles on rebuild. Has Manley flattops,stock rods and crank(1053 steel,wanted 4340, should I sweat it?),profesionally ported and polished rectangle port iron 118cc heads(325cc intake runners stock),Perf RPM port matched intake (will swap in open plenum, any suggestions which one?), rebalanced with Fluidampner (hopefully internally but probably not, again should I sweat it?), complete Crower valvetrain with hyd roller 236/245 deg @ .050 - .585/.610" lift - 112 deg lobe seperation cam,roller rockers,etc.. Was told 10to1 comp. but I doubt heads have been milled that much, should be 8.75 or 9to1.
Sorry so long, but to my main question- I have been wanting for some time to duplicate the engine Car Craft built in Aug 02 (Import Killer, 780 hp from 7.4 Liters). I have allways intended to start with the 502HO instead of the 454HO they used. They used the then new Vortech YS-trim fully enclosed carb kit at 7psi with a slightly retuned 825 cfm Mighty Demon carb and a cam with 10 deg less duration and simular lift to what I just purchased. They also used the same heads with no modifications, and 91 octane fuel.
Am I still on track wanting to use this supercharger kit? Will the carb enclosure really make extensive carb mods unnecessary (plan on using wide band O2 sensor and guage, boost referenced fuel regulator, and boost timing retard module)? Oct 05 Car Craft says its hard to flow enough fuel through large carbs on blow through applications and used a 750 annular discharge Quick Fuel carb to make 1000 hp, but thats not with an enclosed carb, so what should I start with, 850 Mighty Demon maybe? Ill wait on FI tell Ive got AC and 4000 watt stereo system finished. Any success with Water/Alcohol injection?
Please tell me about your simular combos and make any suggestions, I cant wait to hear some good input!!

08-30-2005, 04:16 PM
I would not go with Quick Fuel or Demon. For blow through supercharged or turbo charged applications, CSU seems to have it very well sorted out.


08-30-2005, 04:25 PM
Where can I check out their "sortings?" Do you think the enclosed carb route is a good idea or will I still have issues with basic "tried and true" model carbs? Hey- thanks for your input, Im jonzing for it right now!

08-31-2005, 08:28 PM
1st id go procharger not vortec.. I had the same delema as you in the beginning..

2nd.. Demons are not designed for blow threw aplications but can be modified to work but it can be expensive.. EFI is very epensive but works great.. if you are a good tuner a basic holley can work..(although some will disagree with me)

DOes this 502 have forged rods? for 1000 hp you better have good rods..

Do you plan on running a intercooler? if you really do have 10-1 you will need it..

You need a good set of aluminum heads (disopate heat faster and make more power)

How do you plan on getting the power to the ground.. it doesnt matter how much HP and TQ you make if you cant get it to the ground.

If it came off of ebay you better take it back apart and have the crank and rods and pistons balanced!! JUST TO MAKE SURE...

I have a friend who just bought a 600hp 496 big block off of ebay and when he started it up the grease that the guy used to assemble the engine plugged the oil filter solid and it caused the cam to go flat.... and the guy admited to it happening before but refused to pay for any of the parts or anything.. and now refuses to answer his phone!!

Hope this helps... feel free to email with any more questions..

09-01-2005, 04:57 AM
I would say ProCharger. We have a car here making 900 rear wheel on a carb. Jody also had one making 850.

09-01-2005, 10:58 AM
I would say ProCharger. We have a car here making 900 rear wheel on a carb. Jody also had one making 850.

On seven cylinders! :hand:


09-02-2005, 01:59 AM
Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I have looked into CSU and judging from the info they want for building you a carb, Id say thats a good way to go, especially using a hat and not an enclosed carb. I'm wondering if all else being equal, how much and whats to gain using a hat and not an enclosure? Aside from easier carb access and a tidy engine bay, I'm guessing a little more boost. I currently own several good Holes, would an enclosure and an 850 race Halley be a worthwile step before going for that last 50 hp? I'm running a 3.73 gear in a 4000 lb '70 Impala, rear mods for hookup will need to come before I feel like getting to critical, but I don't want to take unnecessary steps either. Rods and crank are stock forged 502 items, I'm getting balance sheet with motor (4000 miles ago) and I'm gonna swing by the machine shop that did the work before my 1200 mile trek home. Thanks again guys, please keep it coming!

09-02-2005, 05:54 AM
The enclosures run fine up to 10-12 psi of boost. Beyond that you'll want a hat. The enclosures have too much turbulence, air doesn't get into the carb nearly as well as the hat, so the hat will always out-perform it on the higher boost levels.

I run alcohol/water injection on my last 4 ProCharged or blown vehicles. Allows a significant amount of extra timing and boost on pump gas to make it worthwhile to me.


09-09-2005, 01:27 AM
Been reading up on Procharger, seems to be the popular choice on you guys' higher end systems. Whats its biggest advantage over Vortech? Probably quality judging by price.

I made my 2500 mile trip to bring my 502 home, right when gas was its highest, but I wont complain because my heart goes out to all those hurricane victims. The iron heads have a very nice port job, no s.s. valves though. I know aluminum allows higher compression without detonation, but all else being equal iron heads make more power since they do retain heat more (heat loss = power loss). Is this less logical when adding forced induction?

My one big disappointment is the pistons do appear to have a slight dome, so they very well may be 10 to 1 with the 118cc heads. My reason for looking for the HO and not the ZZ motor was to keep the 8.75 comp. Not sure what to do now, the heads have expensive porting and the rotating assy has a fresh balance job with current .030 over pistons and stock forged rods. I was hoping to get away with 7-8 lbs boost without an intercooler (maybe h20 & alcohol injection) for 800 hp at flywheel. I figured that would keep me content until I was finished sorting out rearend (currently 3.73) suspension and brake mods. Any suggestions. I wonder if porting and cc'ing combustion chambers to say 124cc is possible. Even considered offset grinding some destroke into standard crank, but would have to rebalance again.

One more issue Id really like some feedback on, I have to purchase a new oil pan. I'm going to install and run motor before I purchase supercharger, and I've downloaded a Vortech assy manual, but it appears Prochargers don't have oil return lines. Is this just some models? Id like to weld and plug any possibly needed bungs while I've got her apart.

Thanks again guys for all your input, I look forward to it!

09-09-2005, 07:01 PM
Zero gap rings okay under boost?
Modify stock firewall A/C or 12 volt RV mini fridge/freezer for intercooler?
Okay, I'll chill.
Rad Indian Andrew, still clearly remember reading original features (and still own)
in the mags!
Project "Heavy Metal" put me over the edge to follow suit.

09-11-2005, 03:52 PM
The new Prochargers with a SC after the model number are self contained oil systems so they don't need to drain oil back into the pan. I have a 502 in my boat with a procharger and a carb enclosed box, I used a 850 holley with foam floats and jeted the hell out of it, Manley rods, JE pistons, Edelbrock Aluminum heads with inconell exhaust valves, Crane roller cam and the most important thing is to get fuel to the engine, Aeromotive makes a sweet electric pump I think it's a A1000 and a boost referenced regulator I also installed a MSD boost retard control module. Luckily in a boat I have the luxury of the whole lake to run cold water thru the intercooler you will need to build some kind of seperate cooler.

09-11-2005, 07:53 PM
hey 383 what kind of boat do you have? i'd be interested in hearing about it

09-12-2005, 06:59 PM
272 Baja performer! I love it, Hot Rod boats are the last frontier were you can hot rod around and race around and not get into trouble like you can on the street. Well you still have to be a little careful but nothing like when street racing!!!!! If you are interested I will try and figure out how to add some pictures. The engine looks pretty sweet all polished aluminum and stainless. The headers are like $3000.00 but are nearly works of art made by CMI they are a complete header built inside of another header so in other words (water jacketed) you can put your hand on them after a hard pull and they are barely even hot! Sorry I am kind of rattling on in the wrong forum but you did ask.

09-15-2005, 05:20 PM
I used to work for Fountain Power Boats in the late 80's fast boats are cool, we had a 40' extened cabin full interior run 126mph in the Pamlico Sound back then twin bad A$$ bigblocks, I was going to start working with the race team but moved back to FL, Steve