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  1. Fuel Economy and RPMs and VEs
  2. PHB vs. Watt's Link
  3. Roll Center design theory
  4. Lets talk unsprung weight
  5. Hardcore Suspension Thread List and helpful tech links here
  6. Anti-Squat Physics
  7. List of online calculators
  8. ADVANCED TOPICS ONLY!!! - Please read before posting.
  9. How to select/compute spring rates for any car
  10. Solid axle vs. IRS
  11. Header theory
  12. master cylinder sizes?
  13. Torque arm anti-squat calculation
  14. the debate about weight in the trunk
  15. Adjustable Blade Anti-Sway Arms ???
  16. Tire combination tech
  17. Pros and cons of a "J" bar
  18. Suspension co-ordinates?
  19. Cylinder Head Temp Variation
  20. minimizing scrub, high KPI or lots of BS?
  21. Cambered solid rearend
  22. interesting information
  23. Designing the Satchell Link
  24. Aerodynamics and drag coefficient
  25. Working with alternative materials
  26. Pi Data Acquistion Software (Version 6)???
  27. Drag coefficeints
  28. Speed calculator
  29. Centre of Gravity of Race Car
  30. Hydraulic Steering
  31. Corvette C4 suspension
  32. Negative Camber Gain, one size fits all?
  33. Electronics question
  34. Thermal Imaging for engine tuning and troubleshooting
  35. Effects of wheel/tire weight
  36. bump steer
  37. First generation unibody strengthening
  38. Physics wizards! -- how to convert to braking g-force?
  39. Spindle and Upper A-arm Attachment
  40. IFS theory: most predictable rather than "fastest"?
  41. Motion ratios for sway bars
  42. Chassis stiffening--full frame car
  43. Ackerman theory
  44. I've got this idea...
  45. COT Chassis pics!
  46. Coil spring design and failure analysis.
  47. wing design/theory
  48. AERODYNAMICS Second Generation Camaro (79-81)
  49. Hey Pozzi's, I still don't get it?!
  50. NASCAR vs. F1
  51. Safety factor when designing rear suspension.
  52. Moving LCA up, UCA stays put..
  53. does the fully-framed chassis get a bad rap?
  54. spindle ball joint offset
  55. Just curious, mid-engine frame design?
  56. Set/move engine down and/or back.
  57. Determining roll stiffness distribution
  58. front or rear steer?
  59. Aerodynamics : Vortex Generators, Spoilers, etc.
  60. Aerodynamics working WITH the Car?
  61. Expected weight transfer?
  62. Building a rear diffuser?
  63. effects of engine rotating weight, flywheels, flexplates . . .
  64. Vehicle dynamics theory- unsprung weight bias vs. Oversteer?
  65. gasoline volume ?
  66. Advanced cooling design!
  67. Helmholtz Resonance exhaust
  68. Compound Procharging!
  69. improving aerodynamics???
  70. Separating ride from roll...?
  71. 68-72 A-body data points
  72. can aerodynamics help me? -can you help me?
  73. quick question about checking aero mods
  74. A belly pan question
  75. real wings and splitters
  76. Spoiler vs Splitter, what's the difference ??
  77. ???? How fast can a first gen Camaro go????
  78. Want ABS - Does anyone besides ATS make spindles to except F Body hubs?
  79. Aux. Cooler Loactions?
  80. Steering box vs rack and pinion - Benefits?
  81. Diffuser project
  82. Need help with aerodynamic basics
  83. Fastener Selection Strength vs. Corrosion Resistance
  84. Hollow Bolts
  85. Vented hood?
  86. Some good aero tech for 2ND gen Camaros and Firebirds
  87. Reducing Vehicle Weight - Maintain Rear Wheel Weight
  88. Getting started with Aerodynamics
  89. Frame Design
  90. Rear Frame Design
  91. Why are all differential housings built similar to this?
  92. Hillbilly physics question. Cantilevered weight.
  93. Solid axle two wheel bump vs single wheel bump ride frequency
  94. Aero question/theory
  95. What do you know about data logging?
  96. Heel/Toe pedal setup.
  97. Torsional frame flex reduction
  98. CFD and the c6r
  99. Mark Stielow's Red Devil '69 Camaro vs. 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1
  100. Moving I.C. back
  101. Diff cooler return aiming point
  102. Dual Diagonal Braking Question
  103. When the Results Don't Match The Principals or Formulas
  104. Magnetorheological Shocks, some parts and ideas
  105. Intake manifold design
  106. F1 BT45 B Fan Car to Pro-Touring adaptation...Lol?
  107. plastic intake manifolds
  108. Wheel wells and air flow
  109. Oil Cooling System Complete
  110. Oil Filter Mounting Angle
  111. Can we have a weight bias thread?
  112. Wheel Rates and Frequencies
  113. increasing air pressure ( ram air scoops )
  114. Yaw rate estimation formulas and other things
  115. Dry Sump Tank Location??
  116. Chassis Stiffening
  117. Solid mounting the body to the frame
  118. OEM manual steering vs. manual and power racks
  119. EPAS in first gen camaro
  120. Rear wheel steering thoughts???
  121. Just Sharing - MegaSquirt Traction Control - 3G Hemi 'Cuda
  122. Are there any radial tires designed for smoother break-away traits?
  123. Probably my next big purchase in the diagnostic line of tools and ,,,,
  124. wasted spark vs. sequential ignition systems
  125. Free suspension Kinematics and Compliance data - modern performance cars
  126. MR 2 electric hydraulic power steering pump
  127. SLA suspension - track width scrub (from up/down travel) - how much is too much?
  128. Space frame chassis vs. Perimeter frame
  129. Total Lateral Load Transfer Distribution
  130. Gearing, Engine Placement, 8.8 Ford S550 rear
  131. New stuff coming down the turnpike - active alignment
  132. exhaust manifold design question . . .
  133. Front splitter height
  134. Free downforce for the Transcona Cougar
  135. Ford 385 vs Chevy 632
  136. Converting rear steer to front steer on a 1st Gen Camaro
  137. Roll Center Tech of different axle centering strategies
  138. Ford boys, fuel tank questions