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  1. Help with fuel return for injection?
  2. Spectra Fuel Tank pump we a bad fuel pump
  3. Fuel pressure problems
  4. BS3 Tuning
  5. EFI and Rhoads lifters ?
  6. EFI DIY Serge Tank Idea?
  7. Let's get all this surge tank stuff straightened out.
  8. Looking for a good DFI tuner in the DFW area.
  9. Anyone running a Megasquirt controller?
  10. Carb to EFI conversion
  11. Fuel pump controler with XFI or not.
  12. Rear mounted return system
  13. Fuel Line Sizing
  14. need help for my fuel system for my blown LSX
  15. What size injectors should I use?
  16. Another surge tank plumbing question.
  17. walbro vs stock vs racetek
  18. EFI Tuner in Sacramento norcal area?
  19. EFI Tank Options for 2nd Gen (74-77)
  20. making a disc from Accel DFI....
  21. Holley's new EFI SEMA/PRI Brochure
  22. Saturday EFI install 355 69 Camaro
  23. efi fuel system for a 67 Camaro
  24. rotor phasing
  25. braided fuel lines took a crap
  26. Reprogramming LT1 ECU
  27. SOS LT1 help
  28. Throttle body mm = CFM
  29. A1000 mounting pics needed
  30. LT1 going lean
  31. problems with 02 sensors (keep having to replace them )
  32. odd TBI problem
  33. Anybody swap a direct injected engine in anything?
  34. Regulator location
  35. Where is the ACCEL DFI tach signal connection wire???
  36. EFI conversion, need some direction...
  37. Holley TBI on a Pontiac motor
  38. EFI Mopar project
  39. Running very rich
  40. Accel Thruster single TB - set for 4 injectors?
  41. injector boss
  42. lsx fuel system
  43. LS1 throttle body silicone coulper
  44. fuel pump
  45. Mike Norris Motorsports EFI Tuning In Your Area
  46. factory lsx fuel pumps
  47. In-tank pump
  48. Returnless fuel system
  49. FAST EZefi question
  50. Whistles under light throttle
  51. efi vac adv
  52. Owners of Rick's Tank?
  53. Hardline Question
  54. Cormaro ignition works but no injector fuel ?
  55. Aeromotive 13109 Regulator
  56. Chevelle EFI install...
  57. Who's Using Tanks Inc PA-4
  58. Accel DFI gen 7 tuning....
  59. Is this a reasonable starting point for ignition timing?
  60. Ful Line Routing, Which Side?
  61. Opinions on Powerjection III from Professional Products
  62. TPI tips?
  63. list of individual throttle bodie companys
  64. Stumbling after Walbro in-tank pump install
  65. typhoon
  66. Stack injection
  67. GM TBI conversion on small block mopar
  68. EFI pump - Regulate to carb pressures?
  69. In-tank corrugated pressure hoses.
  70. Stock tank dimension needed.
  71. Whos running megasquirt?
  72. TBI on a 400+hp 406 sbc?
  73. Fuel hose that will stand up to todays fuel.
  74. stock fuel tank --> fuel cell?
  75. Electric Fuel pump mounting 67 GTO
  76. EFI cams. What are you using for brands and specs?
  77. FAST XFI help... stopped running.
  78. Spectra Fuel pump
  79. LT1 injectors - SVO, LS1 upgrade? Help, car is apart!
  80. Accel DFI - Dual Synch Distributor Failure
  81. Holleys new EFI
  82. 3.4 camaro SFI fuel line question
  83. what FI for my engine?
  84. FAST™ XFI™ Fuel Injection Training Course Open For Enrollment
  85. 489 FE EFI runs!
  86. Fuel pressure regulator location?
  87. Tank options for 67 efi camaro
  88. need help planning a fuel system
  89. Noisy fuel pump
  90. Where to buy fuel pump and hoses?
  91. Holley avenger efi 550-811
  92. Why Does My Fuel Presure Drop
  93. Do I need to be concerned about electrolysis in my FI plumbing
  94. power loss while turning
  95. V12 FI system
  96. OK my magazine is missing on swapping an LT1 intake,
  97. Aeromotive 1000 EFI fuel pump
  98. Code 66 Accel DFI shutting off ?
  99. Hard line flaring 5/8?
  100. ECU battery?
  101. Accel DFI code 66 ignition output driver over current
  102. Fuel Accumulator......
  103. camshaft position sensor wiring
  104. accel dfi problem
  105. Fuel system for a LS7 in 67 Camaro
  106. Clean a tank after grinding on it?
  107. Road Runner is now fuel injected
  108. Fuel Tank Differences
  109. Small Parts for building a fuel tank?
  110. Inside an Impala fuel tank
  111. Need help with send and pump wire on EFI tank
  112. Fuel Pump sizing for 700HP
  113. Target injector timing,rev limit settings. What's yours at?
  114. efi on a soild lifter chevy?
  115. Accel Gen7 tuning issues
  116. Fuel coming out vent
  117. distributorless ignition
  118. 3.4 swap using 7727 ecm wiring questions
  119. Cleaning fuel injectors?
  120. Fuel tank fabrication advices
  121. Fuel lines along the transmission tunnel
  122. 3'' aluminum tubing
  123. Fuel Line Fitting Assembly Lube, Hardware Store Equivalant?
  124. best buy on Accel gen 7?
  125. What gear should i be tuning in?
  126. Fuel Reservoir How To
  127. All this talk about fuel reserviors...
  128. Pieceing together FAST & GM OBDI fuel injection
  129. Inline tube fuel lines are they any good?
  130. Not so EZ-EFI Question
  131. EFI Manifold conversion
  132. fuel pressure question
  133. pro-flo problems
  134. Fuel leak
  135. Help from efi experts please....
  136. ls2 wire harness
  137. In tank fuel pump - which one?
  138. Mass Flo EFI.....good alternative?
  139. Air Cleaner challenge
  140. is this kit worth it? e-brock pro-flo
  141. Accel sensors MST, ESC
  142. Accel 7 tuning
  143. huge idle/dying issue
  144. Edelbrock/Carter AFB into throttle body?
  145. electric wires in gas tank?
  146. looking at different idea's for LSX intakes.
  147. 100 miles on Sunday with the Massflo 489 cid FE!
  148. Injection cleaner
  149. Ez-efi
  150. Hi guys
  151. EFI Brainstorming
  152. what tank do you guys suggest???
  153. Fuel Injection And a Formula Hood
  154. EZ EFI, Holley Avenger, OR Quick Fuel Carb - Advice?
  155. Looking for a fuel shutoff valve?
  156. FAST Expert Needed - Dist Issues
  157. 70 Chevelle Fuel Injection setup..help needed
  158. Barcode on LS fuel rail???
  159. Fuel line question
  160. Is buying tuning software and learning to tune yourself insane?
  161. Looking at EFI
  162. best Route for sumping stock tank
  163. Rock Valley or Rick's Tanks
  164. Who has a Glenns Performance gas tank?
  165. Looking for Accel DFI / Thruster cal
  166. EFI help
  167. modify your own tank?
  168. Making my own Injection
  169. Problem with Idle and restart
  170. Notching RV Fuel Tank
  171. idle fluctuation and engine dying
  172. plumbing the fuel system
  173. Anyone else gone with TBI?
  174. How did you plumb your fuel injection
  175. Spectra FI Gas Tank fuel gauge help 6.0 Swap Fuel injection
  176. Fuel pump sending assembly for spectra tank GM32AFI
  177. Anyone use tube tech efi lines?
  178. What is the concensus for regulator placement?
  179. Edelbock Pro-Flo XT BBC rectangle port intake + 102mm TB?
  180. C5 fuel tanks into 1st gen
  181. Chevelle in-tank pump
  182. Low fuel pressure Rick's tank
  183. 1974 nova narrowing stock tank
  184. Jeg's AN Push-Loc fittings?
  185. Kinsler BBC crossram?
  186. fuel pump losing prime/corvette style filter
  187. setting cold idle on PowerJection 1 system
  188. EFI tuning, Need some help.
  189. Ricks Fuel Tank Question
  190. PTFE/Teflon Fuel Hose
  191. Projection III
  192. Can you run a TBW throttle body on a Holley Stealth Ram intake?
  193. Anyone running an AEM controller
  194. holly dominator efi
  195. Intank fuel pump into a non EFI fuel tank
  196. Real low spark advance on start up
  197. Anyone use the Megasquirt 3 boards with a healthy higher rpm combo?
  198. EFI intake options for vortec heads
  199. EFI 58x and 24x Relutor crank sensor for Early SBC
  200. MAT sensor location
  201. What Fuel Filter to Install?
  202. Fast crank trigger 301180
  203. Still running really cold
  204. Help with Pictures on Your Fuel Line Routing at the Motor
  205. Hardline vs. Teflon Braided
  206. Throttle bodies with TH 350, 200R stud placement
  207. Fuel Regulator & Filter selection for LS
  208. GM LS Computer Running Older Engine...Possible?
  209. EZ EFI idle drops significantly when in gear...
  210. Aftermarket EFI + catalytic converters + CA legal
  211. Aluminum Intake runner - gauge size?
  212. any one running spectra gm32 tank in 1st gen camaro
  213. Use older FAST system or get the newer XFI?
  214. Fuel rail options for Fast Manifold
  215. What is this fitting?
  216. Aftermarket EFI with OBD2?
  217. '63 Vette Fuel Injection
  218. Which fuel tank should use?
  219. any 1st gen camaro's running sumped tank external fuel pumps with ls swap
  220. Anybody familiar with BigStuff 3
  221. Anybody Good with holley Pro-Jection systems?
  222. Anybody using new Spectra GM32BFI tank with internal baffles and sump?
  223. How to make a sumped tank?
  224. Teflon hose and fittings
  225. Fuel overheating
  226. 68 camaro LT1 to Rick's tank fuel line length???
  227. Ez-efi or xfi ????
  228. Help! Which EFI system is best for an 8-71 Blown SBC 406 CI?
  229. EZ EFI fuel system plumbing (mopar content, but any help is appreciated)
  230. Any sponsers a dealer for Nick Williams?
  231. Kicked out of the Garage!! EZ EFI fuel line odors.
  232. Fuel Pumps and pluming help needed.
  233. Help me verify FAST Fuel Rail pt#
  234. Spectre tank pump rating
  235. Help me make a shopping list!! (injectors, pump)
  236. 95 LT1 running rich
  237. homemade fuel injection system what will I need?
  238. redline weber efi
  239. Throttle body size advice
  240. Help me find fuel lines
  241. 70 Chevelle LS6 - Should I put an EFI?
  242. 2010 camaro pump and Ricks Tanks
  243. Carb to EFI - Need help..
  244. Fast EFI question
  245. Need some help figuring out where to start troubleshooting the wife's 01 Tahoe
  246. Russel Fuel rail adapters for LT1 to AN-6?
  247. injector size
  248. vapor lock heat problems
  249. EZ EFI Problems: someone has to be able to help.....
  250. Ez efi