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  1. RU faster than a Redneck?
  2. R U faster than a Redneck
  3. R U faster than a Redneck???
  4. R U faster than a Redneck Premier Feb. 21,2012
  5. R U Faster than a Redneck - Leaked photos
  6. R U Faster Than A Redneck NASCAR Sirius Interview
  7. R U Faster Than A Redneck live chat Monday Feb 25th
  8. Bill Howell and JB Junior Radio Interview this Saturday
  9. Premiere party pictures I took
  10. R they really that Fast?
  11. Bucket List Items
  12. Mullet Mafia decals??
  13. So...who's car would YOU vote to compete on the show?
  14. It's Monday, that means the count down is on until a new episode premieres tonight
  15. more on the cars in the redneck stable?
  16. Are the "RedNecks" up for a Yankee challenge?
  17. Isn't it really about the racing?
  18. I know I will get flamed on this...Mustangs always seem to lose
  19. Any Word on Where the Next Redneck Venue Will Be and When?
  20. My 4 year old just said...
  21. season 2