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Thread: D52 pad coeff.

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    Default D52 pad coeff.

    I thought there was a thread awhile back on a guy asking about different brand D52 pads.

    Off my shelf
    Hawks HPS-FF
    Raybestos Advanced Tech(look identical to the Hawks)-FF
    Raybestos PG Plus EE
    Wagner Thermo Quiet-EE
    Old Bendix Semi metallic-EE
    Old Bendix organic -FE another EE
    Wilwood BPs no letter code

    Go figure the organics a better rating than the semi metallics. Tjose old semi metallics didn;t liek being cold and sure ate rotors and caused dust.

    For you guys running D52s the 614 Impala SS/Police pad fits the calipers and is slightly larger.
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    1981 Trans Am 400 stock type motor
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