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    Default Day 1 - the Iowa state line - 845PM

    We're on the long transit to Council Bluffs and just filled up on fuel for Carl and I as well as the OLC. GPS is showing a 1:21 AM arrival time... Yech...

    Overall a good day so far - 2nd in Class on the wet skid pad, 1st on the Speedway Oval, and 1st on Autobahn this afternoon. Autobahn was our qualifying run as well and I we came out of it OK - qualifying 23rd overall with a 5:13 on the south track.

    Right now we're sitting first in class and 30th overall but it's still early. We have 7 more days ahead of us and two more gas stops tonight.

    Hopefully our next update is tomorrow morning at Mid America Motorplex where the weatherman is calling for a 60% chance of thundershowers,,,,
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    Carl, go for it tomorrow!

    67 Camaro RS that will be faster than anything Mary owns.

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