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    Default how to brighten dash lights?

    I have a 67 fire bird with 68 gauges, entire car has been rewired everything works fine except dash lights are too dimm. the stock electrical panel is in good condition all copper circuits are complete.tried 2 diferent headlight switches for the dimmer reason ,did not help , then i put in LED bulbs helped a little but not enough.what else can i do? and yes dash circuit is getting 12 volts.

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    I've got a 69 Firebird that had dim dash lights. I know mentioned that you replaced them with LED's, which is what I did as well. I had a bunch of LED's left over from upgrading my pinball machine. There are definitely different outputs from different LED's. These are the ones that I used, and they are BRIGHT. I can also dim them down with the dimmer on the car:

    Hope that helps some.


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