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    Default t56 in second gen camaro

    Hey all... I have a few questions about installing a t56 into my 78 Z28. I've read a ton of great things already on the swap... and Todd's write up as well.
    I guess my questions have to do specifically with my project since my th350 is slowly going.
    Ok... specs on my car.... 383- 475 HP and 450 TQ, dynoed at the crank. It's an original auto car with an unmodified hump.

    so here are the questions...
    1- should I be sourceing an LT1 or an LS1 t56.... for economics as well as simplicity.

    2- I like the LS1 option using the adapter plate for a 4speed bellhousing and mechanical clutch set up... but how far back will it place the shifter? I'd like to use my Stock auto console but don't want to cut too much out of the hump brace.

    3- The LT1 T56 will require an expensive conversion flywheel... No?

    4- Are the hydraulic clutches really that much of a PIA.

    My thinking is... LS1 t56... 4sp bellhousing, clutch and flywheel... by the 4sp pedal and linkage kit... a 45.5" Ford aluminum drive shaft with conversion u joints.

    Anything I'm missing? Any help/input would be great!

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