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    Default drilling axles, rotors or drums for different lug pattern

    whats the process? Im tired of paying machine shops to do it. Ive got a mill and a rotary table (not sure if you even use one) Anyone know how its done? My buddy says he uses a centering punch with one of those abs lug pattern guides they sell at kragen. I know most wheels are hub centric but that still seemed a little low tech.

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    it really depends on if you have an access hole in your existing axle flange. If you do you usually have to weld up a lug hole or two and then face it off in the lathe. we have some special fixturing made up that hangs the axle off the back of the mill table and then you swing the head over. We also have drill jig made up with hardened inserts that makes it a little easier.

    It's still only as good as your setup and your fixturing. I have seen guys do the center punch and drill with a hand drill and a vise and they drive 'em but they are not proturing cars and usually never turn a wheel in anger and usually don't go real far.

    FWIW, we quit doing it except in rare occasions where axles are not available, for a common rear end it is almost always cheaper to buy axles. If yu are doing it yourself its a different story.


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    No dont weld. Use a pipe plug tap, tap out the lug holes and any other holes, you can tack them but really not too critical. Then face off the axle, I trim them on both sides.
    Then center it up in a lathe, scribe the centerline of the bolt pattern then when you place wheel or what ever you use to mark it, use a centering punch and then drill your new holes. You can have the plugs tigged a little for insurance but rarely needed unless your gonna do a lot of road course racing.
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