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    Default Best engine builder in South Florida

    Hey was up my fellow pro touring buddies. Just hoping you guys can help me out and may be recommend to me some engine builder in south florida. I live in Miami so I perfer Miami as long as its south florida I will travel a little. I am wanting to build a 383 stroker motor with atleast 400 hp. I know its nothing to fancy but it the motor I want lol. Let me know guys thanks.

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    Power by the Hour. Name is Jake and they are located up in Boynton Beach. I know he specializes in Mustangs but you never know. I have only heard good things about him so it might be worth you calling him.
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    You might want to give our good friend on here,and site sponsor, Frank at ProdigyCustoms a call,there in Orlando Florida.
    PH # 1-407-832-1752

    Iam sure they could put your engine together, or give you a great engine builder recommendation for your build needs.

    Frank and his crew at Prodigy customs have built many cars on this site,and offers the best service and prices going on out there!


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