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    Hello All! I have lurked on here for quite some time now and drooled over the amazing pieces of machinery that the members of this forum have, and would like to say thank you for all of the inspiration.
    The 1980 Camaro you see below was my first car. It started life a poo-brown v6 berlinetta. At 16 I rebuilt a 350 and dropped it in, shortly followed by a freshend TH350. My Senior year I took it to bare metal and painted it the black it is now. After High school, I moved around quite a bit, from Chicago to Orlando to Jacksonville and my pride and joy sat in my dad's backyard for 11 years.
    Life got in the way as it does so often.
    Today I rebuilt the quadrajet in hopes of driving the six miles to my first house with a garage, only to have the trans hardlines blow out, but it did move a half a block so we can more easily load it on a trailer.
    My plan is to slowly build a pro-tourer with my 5 year old son. It will be a great bonding experience for the two of us and teach him things he will always need.
    Well, here it is as it sits today.

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    welcome aboard! good luck with the project
    Kevin S. (overseas in Germany)

    1972 Buick Skylark GS 455 (Stage 1 Clone)

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    Welcome! Iam building a Pro Touring 80 Z28 myself with my dad. Keep us updated on the progress....
    -1972 Nova
    -1968 Camaro
    -1990 Iroc Camaro

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    welcome to the forum, stay motivated!!!!
    Rene P.

    My 1968 firebird build thread--->

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