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    Default clutch not engaging

    So after a long and arduous install process I finally got to crank the car. I put the rear on jack stands to test out the clutch to see if it's running properly. The transmission went into 1st, 2nd and 3rd without any problems but the clutch wasn't working. I could depress it 100% but the tires would start spinning as soon as I put it in the gears.

    I'm using a ram adjustable master cylinder so I know I have full pedal travel. I've bled the clutch twice now and maybe I need to bleed it again. I'm using a stock internal slave cylinder since it's an LS1 style T-56.

    Here's a list of the setup just in case:

    LS1 style T-56 out of an 02 Z28 Camaro
    Quicktime 6023 GenI SBC to LS1 style T-56 Scattershield/Bellhousing
    Centerforce DFX Clutch Kit
    Ram 1405 Flywheel
    Ram adjustable master cylinder
    stock style internal slave cylinder

    If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. I was thinking maybe it might be the slave cylinder but Ross McCombs (President of Quicktime Inc) said that a stock slave cylinder would work fine. I'm hoping it will just need bleeding again.

    Also, my hydraulic reservoir has a rubber diaphragm in it that's kinda weird. I haven't seen one like it. It doesn't collapse on itself like a rubber brake cylinder gasket. It's like an unraveled 2 inch thick condom that doesn't collapse back on itself. Is that normal?
    2001 Camaro Z28 (DD)
    LS3 525hp GM crate engine, built 4L60e
    1974 Camaro Z28 Type LT
    Solid roller 355 sbc with T-56

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