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    Default 1956 F250 shop truck

    Maybe picking up a '56 F250. 6 cyl , 3 on tree.

    Considering this for a shop truck but would like to update the drive train for trailering cars and long distance. I have access to the following engines, 80's 5.0, '57 312, '72 buick 455, '64 401 nail and a few mopar 440's and a 413. I am hoping a modern OD trains will bolt in with little modifications. I am told a '72 9" rear susp from a ford truck will bolt in. I am not too familiar with these other than I think they look cool and have seen many street rod versions of them. can the frame handle a V8 w/o boxing? Is the 6 cyl good enough for towing/ trailering cars assuming it is in good running condition? can an OD trans adapt to the stock 6 cyl? Not looking to go bananas on this, but have some fun.

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    I would go with the 72 Buick motor, it will provide you the torque you need for hauling. I would suspect that the frame would be strong enough being it is a 3/4 ton, provided it is in good shape. but boxing wouldn't be a bad idea.

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