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    Default G Body: Pro Touring Questions

    I have done searches on here and viewed the different GBodys being built and some of the stuff but was more curious about a few things and hopefully you guys could answer my ?s and post me some links...

    * Do these cars (78 malibu specifically) make good street/track/strip cars?

    * What parts can I take from junkyard finds to improve these cars factory parts to build in the "pro touring" route?

    * What size wheels/tires can i fit on this (20" and below)

    * Are parts readily available?

    * What do I need to look for when purchasing one?(body/engine/interior/etc)..What are common downfalls?

    * What are other forums/web sites to check out regarding these cars/ this direction of a build on one....


    (I will have more questions to follow later...)

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    Your new right? Kidding. Yes there are tons of Gbody parts, on the cheap look for 16 in Camaro type wheels watch back spacing, Eibach and many others make good performance lowering springs.
    Actually 17 in wheels and maybe 18 in wheels are better for handling.
    Probably one ofthe best ways to get handling in one swipe is look here,,,,, yes pricey but the performance will be unreal and ride is awesome, my Monza is going on air soon.
    The car can be put on air a little at a time too, back first then front.
    I had CoolRide on my 71 MONTE CARLO in rear so it rode great and it could handle a load too.
    Good Luck

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    the first thing you should do is upgrade the rear end- almost every G body came with a 7.5" rear axle that does a good impersonation of a hand grenade if you put any power thru it. the 84-87 Grand Nationals, T types, and olds 442's had a tougher 8.5 rear end in them, but a bolt in 9" would probably be easier to find.
    if you are anywhere near the rust belt, then look at the rear frame rails from the rear end back to the bumper- they like to rot to nothing and fall off.
    prety much any engine/trans combo you can think of is a bolt in, and there are a LOT of suspension setups available for anything from cruiser to drag racer to full on corner carver. and are two websites where you can do some good learning about the G body, and there are a few more good sites out there that i can't think of right off hand.

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    Is your Google button broke? ;)

    Yes they can be made to do anything your wallet wants them to do. SC&C is a great source for suspension needs.

    However Pro-Touring G-Body's are a lot like UFO's... you always here about 'em but never actually see one.

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    Default Not really a PT site but alot of info on the Malibu. Some members there are also members here and also.
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    yeah, do a search on the site. there's a bunch of g-body guys working on their projects.

    make sure you look at the rear frame rails and lower quarter panels, and doors. not much else to look for, unless you find a specialty model like a GN, Hurst/Olds or 442, which will have some extra goodies.

    most, though, don't have anything worthwhile from the factory. brakes are crap, engines are smog-era turds, and the rest of the driveline won't stand up to any abuse. but, they are great platforms to upgrade.

    once you find a good project, let us know and we can answer any specific questions you have.
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    The mods i did on my suspension were pretty much off the shelf parts. Moogs springs, KYB shocks, UMI tubular control arms(uppers and lowers), ATR 1 3/8" rear sway bar, 34mm hollow front sway bar(which doesnt fit quite right coming from an f body). Stock a arms up front still, but it handles outstanding, better than i imagined even. For brakes i replaced the rotors with some quality ones, ceramic pads and braided stainless steel brake lines and made a considerable improvment in the brake feel and quality. I have 17 x 9.5 wheels in back and 17 x 8 in the front with Kumho Ecsta MX tires. All around not very expensive or original but works well for my car which i rather drive around some nice country roads then a drag strip.
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    Default handling upgrades

    The cheapest upgrade to handling is to find "F-41" handling package parts unless you're really going to get into some serious racing. This consists of:
    A. 1. radiator mount cross-braces
    2. increased diameter front sway bar
    3. front frame braces
    4. rear sway bar
    5. front fender braces
    6. larger front and rear springs. This involves some extra work on your part. The other above items are simply bolt-on and do a lot to make your ride feel more snug.
    B. Of course, you're going to want to check your front ball joints for wear and front and rear control arm bushings for wear.
    C. I have installed items 1 thru 5 and can feel a much more stable ride. The springs I have not invested in. I found all my items on eBay and paid as little as $25 for the radiator braces and as much as $75. for the rear sway bar (including shipping cost).
    D. This suspension was available on the 78-81 G-bodys and I understand was standard equipment on the Bonnevilles, maybe others.

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    I have learned in life that just about everything is constantly evolving. Well, if someone comes up with a better idea about how to make an old car handle like a newer car and it involves the use of 20" wheels, who's to say it isn't pro-touring since that is what pro-touring is all about. Technology is constantly evolving. Look at the personal computer today vs. 1993. Even with all the evolution they are still called a personal computer today, are they not?

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