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    I just want to mention how great it is to see so many projects making serious progress in the last month. I check out the Project Updates forum frequently and there are a ton of people wrenching. The warm weather must be getting everyone fired up and moving forward. Keep up the great work!


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    I can't wait to get established in our new house tomorrow. The two car garage will greatly aid in moving my many projects forward. That and I can stop tripping over my jacks. :D
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    I don't post nearly enough updates on my project in there, but I am only a couple weeks away from firing it up for the first, there are many more pics to post......and the warm weather is definately a motivator!!!!!!!

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    Yep...the weather has to be warm where I live before I can even think about going into the garage. Since it has been I've been out there, but a nastly cold has sidelined me for a few days. Hope to get back out there this weekend.
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