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    Default 68 Camaro Headliner - How much stretch?

    Hi guys,
    I am in process of installing a stock headliner in my 68.
    I have it mocked up/stretched and held in place with binder clips. I have the DAP Weldwood contact cement.
    I have read that the material will shrink with time and natural heat.
    If that is true, how much stretching is enough when stretching the fabric prior to gluing?
    If that is true, are there also any short term methods for shrinking any areas that dont quite lay up nicely, such as steam and then a hair dryer, or?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I just pull them taut and glue the edges then use heat to work any minor wrinkles and fold marks from shipping. After the job is done park it out in the sun with windows up a couple times and they smooth out even better and look factory fresh..
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    Thanks...we're half way there with the front and back glued up and held in place with 1.2 million binder clips.......well about 50. The cutting off of the excess seems like the most cumbersome part left, but, we'll see.

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