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    Default 69 Chevelle Electric life window install

    First clue was the directions was one sheet of paper with 70-72 window guides.

    So I do the install with the motor/regulator as it came in the package.
    Not so good, the window has no support so it rocks back an forth in the door and will not go down all the way.
    I call electric life for help on what needs to modified, they told me to just take off the old bracing arms and bolt them on.... not exactly.(removal one)
    I had to cut the electric life arm and the stock arm had to be removed from it's rivets.(look out for the spring)
    I reattached the old arm to the new assembly so it has the original pivot point.
    I reinstall it and the window now goes up and down good except for the window now bottoms out and hits the motor.
    So I remove it for the second time and put a dog leg bend in the arm. Now the window binds towards the top and still slightly hits the motor pushing out the door at the bottom a little.
    Anyone else do this install, have suggestions?
    I'll try to post pictures soon.


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    I have never did a 69 Chevelle. I have done 70 Chevelle's, lots of early Camaro's, never had this problem, but I never had one that said "MAY REQUIRE MODIFICATION"

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    the ones I got for the doors and the ones I got for the quarters on my chevelle fits perfectly, not even a hole to drill
    You might have the wrong units.
    Have Fun!

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