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Thread: Homemade IRS

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    Default Viper IRS

    Hey guys, In case you're interested.

    I have a COMPLETE IRS set-up out of a 98 Viper GTS. All parts are in excellent condition. This includes the following:

    Rear frame section (all mounting points, factory correct) 60.6" track width
    2 Complete Differentials (3.08)
    4 half shafts
    R & L suspension corners (complete w/ brakes)
    sway bar, brakes lines/cables & ALL attaching hardware.

    $3400 COMPLETE w/ brakes

    If you're looking to go IRS, you will not find a stronger, better engineered set up. Take a look a what the Vipers are doing with these out back. Drag, Road racing, they can take a beating & will out perform almost all other rear suspension set-ups in the handleing dept. The aftermarket IRS are worthless in anything more that 400 hp & super expensive. If you are in the process of building your chassis, the install is not as difficult as you may think. It's actually very similar to back-halving a car.

    I've got $3400 into it & just want to make my money back. I think it's steal considering what you get vs. other diff/suspension set-ups.
    Please contact me (email or pm)if you/'re interested.

    scotty H.

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