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    Default brake - wheel combo

    first off, this site is one of only a few that when you answer a question you get an answer and not a smart remark or "search button" post. i have used the search button on this and lateralg, nastyz28, team camaro, and many other forums with little or no luck. sorry if it is a repeat but i have tried every search combo that i can think of.
    the car in reference is a 1970 z28. the wheels are 17" bmw 7 series.

    1. has anybody run 1/2" studs with 17" bmw wheels?
    2. does anybody have any info about fiting the 13" c5 brakes front and rear brakes in the wheels? any proven combinations?
    3. will the dust caps protrude out of the wheels on the second gen? i found a reference to the first gen but came up short on the gen 2 cars.

    i do not want to order the wheels only to have fitment issuse and not be able to use the brakes. does anyone have a bmw wheel to measure for the c5 setup? this is the last piece to finish the car and have came to a dead end. i will get some pics up as soon as i finish.

    thanks, robert

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    Quote Originally Posted by z28orshoot
    1. has anybody run 1/2" studs with 17" bmw wheels?
    I do, no problem at all.

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    I think the dust cap issue will depend on the brake setup and wheel combo. I've seen a second gen TA on here (white) that did have problems with this and was trying to make a cap of some sort. I think he had factory brakes.

    I have ADR wheels (for a BMW) with no dust cap issues, but I'm running a 13" rotor on a drum brake spindle/hub. This may make the dust cap protrude a little less than a stock rotor setup. I would have to take the cap off to check, but I want to say that there was tons of clearance with these particular wheels.

    I can't comment on your other questions as I'm not running 1/2" studs and the wheels are 18" (brakes fit fine).

    If I can help at all, let me know.

    Good luck

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