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    Default B-17 rides Watsonville 4 24-25

    Here's a link to the Calendar for their tour. I highly recommend taking a flight with them!

    67 Camaro RS that will be faster than anything Mary owns.

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    Already have! Plus I flew on a B-24 last year (KJVY). I also had the privilege of Taxing out to the runway behind the B-17; I was in a C-172, so I stayed very far back. It was just plane awesome! lol.

    There was Two P-51's at our airports Historical Museum (Rich mans Write Off!) Vintage Fighters is the name. They also had one of the approx. 15 Corsairs, which are left flying. It was Beautiful Dark Blue! I love to sit and listen to the mustang take off. Dayum what a killer sound!

    They sold one of the P-51's and the Corsair to a man at a show in Australia. I would Hate to see what he offered, he loved the Corsair!!

    Papa John and Fuzzy Zoeller also keep there jets at KJVY. I was there one day with Brandon, my son, and Rusty Wallace landed in his Bell 427 Helicopter? Must have been betting on the horse Races at the Downs?

    Go fly in anything!

    But I must agree, the old 4 radial engine war birds are incredible!
    I attached a Photo of Vintage Fighters, I call it the DREAM GARAGE!

    In the back right is the Corsair minus the end of the wings. I took the photo about 4 years ago while they were restoring it. What a TASK. I watched that bird grow and it was Beautiful!

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