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    Default Powdercoated bellhousing & TKO600?

    I'm planning to replace the Muncie in my '84 Monte SS with a TKO600. As part of the upgrade, I am going to use OPG's reproduction bellhousing that accepts an 11" clutch. This may be the same bellhousing Kiesler offers.
    If I powdercoat the bellhousing prior to installation, will that create problems with runout or parallellism for the trans? Would I be better off with a Jet Hot-style coating, because it is thinner?

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    Powder-coating is pretty thick, and will definitely affect how your transmission fits, and will also affect how it fits over the block alignment dowels. I'd bet you'll be sanding off the powder-coating in those two locations, but otherwise it should be fine.

    Have you considered anodizing it?

    John Parsons

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    Go ahead and powdercoat it but do not powedercoat the surface of the bell that mates to the motor or teh dowel holes (like parsonsj said).
    Additionally, both of the OPG bells that I have in my possession are not built to within .005" spec required for theTremec install. You can still use it, just make sure to check the alignment.
    OPG buys their bells from the Parts Place.
    On a related note, Classic Chevy 5-Speed is about 6 weeks away from having reproduction aluminum bells in stock. All of these bells will be within spec (.005"). I will be personally checking each one for alignenment and parallelism before we approive it to be sent out to a customer.
    Jeff Mortenson

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