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    Default 275/40 17x9.5 on stock 71 nova rear

    I am planning on putting 275/40 tire on a 17x9.5 wheel and stuffing it under a 71 nova. suspension is still stock monoleaf setup. Has anyone runner a simular setup? Any problems?

    If my measurements are correct i will be running a 5.25 backspace. the section with on the tire is 10.9 on a 9.5 wheel i measured 12 inches on the money from the shock to the inside of the fender lip that already have been shaved down. The shock that is on there now is an air shock and i am planning on putting a stock shock on so i know that will free up a little bit more room.

    Just looking for some advice worried about putting all that money in the wheel and tires and it end up not working.

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