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    Default Need Instructions for Putting 4th Gen Camaro Seats in a 1st Gen Camaro

    Can anyone give me instructions on how to install 4th Gen Camaro Seats in a 1st Gen Camaro? Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

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    They should just bolt in.I believe the bolt pattern on the floor should be the same.Anyone that knows otherwise please correct me.The only thing you might have to worry about is the seat belts since 1st Gen's are non retractable

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    Quote Originally Posted by camaroboy69
    9. The 4th gen seats were very easy to instal. The front seats, front 4 bolt holes line up perfect. The rear 4 holes of the front seats require modification. You can either modify the track and make it longer or redrill holes and put new bolts in. make sure to install huge washers under the floor so the dont rip thru in an accident. Always safety first. I have electric lumbar in both seats and that only requires hooking up 2 wires. One is negative and one is positive.
    10. The rear seats are fully functional and fold down just like a 4th gen. The rear bucket seats are at the same angle as a 4th gen. To hold the rear backrest in place I made 4 brackets. The top 2 brackets have a latching mechanism that the seats fold back onto. The lower 2 brackets are just custom made and the hinges for the seats bolt right into it.
    11. The 3 point front seat belts bolt into the 69 holes on the lower part. For the upper part I made brackets that I welded right to the roof structure.
    12. For the rear seat belts I bolted the retractable mechanism into the package tray with huge washers and I will eventually add even more so its stronger in case of an accident.
    13. To install the console I made 3 adjustable brackets and welded them right to the floor. The console can be adjusted up and down by at least 1/2"-1". It can also be angled any direction too. I had my T56 already installed so I lined the console right up with the shifter handle. There really is nothing hard about the console at all so I dont feel the need to go into detail with it.
    Hopefully this answers most of the questions that I am asked every day.
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    Ah, the magic search button.
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    I put front 2001 Camaro seats in my 69. The front tabs line up great. The rear tabs need to be cut, repositioned and welded back on. Go to go to interiors, and do a search for "Tips for putting 4th gen bucket seats into a 68". I know it says 68 but same applies to 69's. There is a couple of pictures of what I am talking about. I also put seat extenders on. This allowed for my seats to go back farther. I needed the extra leg room. They give you about 2 more inches of room. Found them on Ebay. Do a search for seat extenders. 6'1'' felt like I was eating steering wheel.
    Hope this helps.
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