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    Default 6l80e rear mount cooler

    I have a build with a 6l80e and wanted to add a cooler, but don't want to route it to the front of the car(transmission is in the rear, stock c6 corvette drivetrain). Street driven daily with some track time. Was hoping for some input, maybe model numbers and any experience. I'm kinda assuming a cooler with a fan. I want to have a semi quite fan.

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    Depending on what you have room for there are some options out there. I would stick to a stacked plate type of cooler with a fan since your going rear mount. The stacked plate design offers the most surface area for efficient cooling. We have an option we sell here with all of our high torque units. You can check it out on our website HERE. There are some others out there that we don't carry as well that are a lower cost option. I wouldn't go any smaller than say 8x11" with a fan.

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