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    Default 10th Annual Motor State Challenge - July 19-21, 2018

    One of the premiere Pro-Touring/G-Machine events in the country, the Motor State Challenge is a 3-day event for racers ranging from beginners to experienced drivers. Kicking off Thursday afternoon at Lane Automotive in Watervliet, MI with a participantsí meet and greet/driverís meeting followed by a cruise and dinner, the event continues with an exciting day of road track racing at South Havenís Gingerman Raceway on Friday. On Saturday, participants will test their skills at autocross at the Tire Rack test track in South Bend, IN, with winners announced Saturday afternoon.

    Due to an amazing level of driver interest, participant registration for this yearís event filled up in just 3 days. However, we encourage you to come out to Lane Automotive on Thursday afternoon, July 19, to check out the awesome mix of participant cars, from classic muscle cars to modern sports and touring cars. Then come to Gingerman Raceway on Friday to watch the road racing action at one of the top road racing tracks in the Midwest! On Saturday, come down to the Tire Rack to cheer on your favorite drivers as they compete in the Autocross to try to clinch their spot in the winnerís circle!

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