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    Posted by Bill Howell: OK, who is in for a road trip? Who wants to join the Rat Pack? Who wants to hang with the cool kids? Mark you calenders now. On or about July 25, several of the rat pack will leave East Tn, head across the country to Reno, Nevada. We would be happy for you to join us at any point along the way. Other than hotel rooms and gas, there is no cost to participate in the epic road trip, however, you might as well go ahead and fill out this application because this will be our destination.
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    I am calling on all the Rat Pack members! I hate for this to be our first official action, but then it is for a tribute to a great soul.
    The family of Todd Gartshore has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Victory Junction Gang. I think it would be nice and a jester of kindness for everyone that is a Rat Packer to pool our donations and send it to them in Memory of our friend Todd. No need for huge donations, any amount is welcomed, the final donation will go as from the Rat Pack, not individual people. ...
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    I am happy to announce a special project I have had a small part in seeing come together.
    A couple months ago Bill called me about helping him build a killer Pro-touring car based on a early second gen Trans Am. I first introduced him to Ben Hermance and got Ben started on a Rendering. Then, I explained some of the major players in the Pro-touring world and what was available for his car. Bill is no newbie to the car world, and really got hooked on the Pro-touring scene last year when he hosted the Optima Ultimate Street ...
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