• 2016 Event calendar is now live!

    Pro-Touring 2016 Race/ Event Calendar

    It is that time of year and event season is upon us. Rather than making your own calendar, we encourage our members to visit the Event Calendar section on our website. There you will find a complete schedule of events along with links for further information.

    Click Here to View the 2016 Event Calendar

    As a reminder this calendar is constantly changing. New events are added throughout the year. Some of the events listed may also be updated with date and venue changes as well as possible cancellations. Please continue to check back throughout the year for more updates. We are also currently working on updating each event thread with the new 2016 information. Several of the events have limited information at this time. The links provided in the event calendar go to the correct thread, but the information may not be up-to-date. Please check back throughout the week for more detailed information on each event.

    Most of these events were carried over from last year's schedule. If there are events you would like to see on the Pro-Touring.com Calendar please message Trackside-Brandy or post a reply in the Event Calendar thread.

    We look forward to a great race season and hope to see you out on track

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