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    Written By Brandy Phillips
    Photos By Brandy Phillips and Casey Cronin's Facebook Page

    There comes a time when you meet someone great, someone with knowledge, kindness and compassion. Upon meeting
    this person, you know that this person can never be forgotten.

    I have come across a handful of people since entering the pro-touring scene in 2008 that have remained close friends,
    but there are only a few I allow in the passenger seat of my truck. I have always been a person that will jump in
    someone elseís vehicle, observe how they drive and then apply certain aspects of their driving once I climb back into
    the driver seat. When you find a good instructor, one who just clicks with you, it is hard to have anyone else in that
    position. Luckily one of those incredible instructors is based right here in Southern California.

    When I speak of racing instructors, wandering minds might question what professional driver I am speaking of? Others
    might assume that I am speaking of someone that has been a long time member of the pro-touring community, won
    several events and races competitively attending several events throughout the year. In this case, this driver not only
    has a long history in racing, his skills behind the wheel have made an impact on over 2,500 CHP cadets during his
    years in the Academy.

    For many of us when I say the words CHP or for non-Californiaís maybe Highway Patrol, I bet more than half of you
    cringe. Yet, how cool would it be to work for the CHP as a driving instructor? By now some may have realized who I am
    talking about, but for those who still do not know, the man behind the uniform is no other than Casey Cronin.

    As most gearheads, there was an
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    Big Red is back. Yes, that Big Red Ė The Original Badass, Big Red Camaro.

    If you still donít know what Iím talking about, maybe this will refresh your memory:
    "...After a few years of running in Mexico, RJ Gottlieb joined his father at the 2nd annual Silver State Challenge. ...
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    To our valued members, advertisers and friends,

    We at Pro-touring.com want to send you our warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season.
    As the year comes to a close, we look back ...
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    RideTech and the National Corvette Museum are very proud to announce their new product partnership that will begin on August 27 at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, KY. This partnership will include installing RideTech triple adjustable ...
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    Making Each Day Count
    Mark Allen- A Behind the Wheel Feature Powered by Optima Batteries
    Written By Brandy Phillips

    http://www.pro-touring.com/threads/1...tima-Batteries ...
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    Congratulations to Danny Popp for being a three time winner of the Optima Batteries Ultimate Street Car Invitational! For complete results visit https://clubregistration.net/clients...06&class=OUSCI ...
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    We would like to announce the winner of the Are You Driver Enough Video Contest #3
    presented by BFGoodrich
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    First we would like to thank everyone who entered a video in this month's
    Are You Driver Enough Video Contest presented by BFGoodrich.

    There were a total of 7 entries for this month; many with awesome stories
    and great builds. Unfortunately there can only be one winner, so without
    further ...
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    Pro-Touring.com is proud to announce the first winner of the ARE YOU DRIVER ENOUGH VIDEO CONTEST!

    Each month Pro-Touring.com will open a new contest for a chance to win $500 towards any Pro-Touring.com sponsor on the right of the homepage. Contestants can submit their video on why they are "Driver Enough" for a chance at the prize.
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    Once again Carl Casanova and John Mahn have run the One Lap of America and did very well. This year Team Honor Flight Camaro took first place in the Vintage American class and finished an amazing 14th overall. Congratulations ...
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    RideTech 48 Hour Corvette WINS Optima Texas!

    A tired yet excited Chris Smith with the RideTech 48 Hour Corvette in Texas' Winner's Circle!

    In keeping with Ridetechs original intentions, they have thrashed the 48 Hour Corvette since its birth a mere 14 days ago. This past weekend at the Optima Ultimate Street Car event in Ft. Worth Texas they were rewarded with our first WIN!

    Chris Smith was able to pilot the Corvette to ...

    With MotiV8r now at JCG Restorations in Oxnard Calif I was able to open up the crate and see what's inside. What you will see in the video below ...
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    6th Annual Bowler Performance / Royal Purple Midwest Musclecar Challenge

    Bowler knows when it comes to events that there are many to choose from and they appreciate your time to consider them. The Midwest Musclecar Challenge is quickly becoming the most popular Pro-Touring event in the Midwest. This event is open to any domestic model year vehicles. The event will be held May 29th & 30th 2015. The event will be held at Putnam Raceway Park.
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    Congrats to our friend Danny Popp who drove his '72 Corvette on Forgeline GA3R wheels to an autocross win at the Goodguys event in Scottsdale, AZ, yesterday. Not only did he defeat last week's OUSCI champion, Brian Hobaugh, but he also earned the title of 2013 Goodguys Autocross Champion of the Year!
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    The 13th annual Pro-Touring.com dinner shirts have arrived! Thank you once again to all the great sponsors, Ben Hermance for the killer design, James Shipka, Carl ...
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    Car Craft Magazine - Help Vote for 2013 PRO BUILDER of the year

    Cast Your Ballot With Text To Vote
    Voting through text is simple. Go ahead and send a text message from your mobile phone to the number below. Then, reply with "Vote #" by adding the number of your choice from one of the five Pro Builder vehicles available. Only one vote mobile number is possible.
    Text To Number: 317-965-5711
    Reply: Vote #1-5
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    Congratulations to Robert McGaffin on qualifying for the 2013 OPTIMA Batteries Ultimate Street Car Invitational, presented by Royal Purple Inc. & K&N Filters at ...
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    Popular Hot Rodding Magazines 2013 Muscle Car of the Year competition is complete. There were several members of Pro-Touring.com competing for the title. Check out ...
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    Kyle Tucker and the Detroit Speed 1970 Camaro Test Car wins the Goodguys Sponsor Shootout! Way to go Kyle! Is it just me or have the winners of most ...

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