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Texas Bob
04-09-2013, 12:30 PM
I'm about ready to pull the trigger on my neighboring ranch friend's Chevelle that he drives about twice a yr. My question is, how can I know for sure it's a true SS?

1970 Chevelle SS 454

VIN: 136370R203885

So after doing some homework, I know...

-it's a Chevrolet
-it's a Chevelle/Malibu model
-it's a hard top or sport coupe series
-it was manufactured in 1970
-it was produced in Arlington, TX (Bonus :)
-it is # 103,884

So I don't know about paperwork with it and I only have my friend's word to go off, but this I know...
The 454 in it is NOT the original engine, but that it did come originally with a 454.
As I understand it, in 1970, the only Chevelles that came with big blocks were SS cars, true?


When I was out at the ranch one weekend I spotted my neighbor visiting the Chevelle's 2nd home, lol.

04-09-2013, 01:14 PM
Bob...do some research on the suspension components all 1970 chevelle SS's came with a suspension a package
That was called F41, the rear end will be a 12 bolt. The term 12 bolt refers to the amount of bolts that hold the ring gear to the carrier now it is also the same amount of bolts that hold on the rear axle cover, so look for two parallel bolts on the very bottom of the cover. If there is one in the center then it's a 10 bolt rear axle which would not have been in a SS...look for ss options that wouldn't have been in th interior ex. ss badges on the door panels...ss dash panel..ss steering wheel...of course the exterior of the car is slightly different too...the rear bumper should have the ss pad. fender badges.. a ss grill and the front bumper should have clear..or white... marker lights these lights would have a amber bulb. Malibu cars have amber or orange marker lights with clear bulbs and, finally see if the seller will let you inspect the car for a build sheet it has 100% proof that the car is a ss. The build sheet is not replaceable so if you find one be VERY gentle. It can be found under any of the seats, under the carpet, headliner, or even the gas tank
Best of luck please feel free to Pm if you need anymore help Ryan Austin

Texas Bob
04-09-2013, 01:32 PM
Much appreciated Ryan. I'll be out there this weekend to take it for a spin so I'll investigate.

04-09-2013, 05:01 PM
Sound good bob, best of luck...maybe you'll strike gold like I did...I was looking for a 69 Camaro about 15 yrs ago ended up finding a numbers matching 70 396 ss Chevelle with 92,000 miles and only paid 6500$ . The resto freaks will bitch when they see my project staring in the next couple months...project nightstalker I'm thinking it will be called. Cheers Ryan

04-09-2013, 07:56 PM
Bob, The problem with SS Chevelles is that there is no "stamping" or other mark on the car to designate it a SS vs. a standard Chevelle. You have Gone though the VIN decoding process which is your starting point. Next would be look for obvious markers like the suspension package or the badging options, Next would be to look for signs of changed parts or restorations which have altered the original car (i.e. Badging holes filled in,single exhaust parts hangers, aftermarket suspension parts, aftermarket parts in general) they shouldnt exactly throw red flags up if everything is aftermarket but there should be some signs of the original car left, Next you will want to look at the cowl tag (on the drivers side next to the hood hinge on the cowl) it will give you options and paint codes ( just a warning: Cowl tags can be removed and installed with ease)but the MOST accurate way to determine if the car is a true SS or not would be to find/use the Buid sheet that matches the VIN, Like Ryan said the build sheet can be found several places another common place is onthe back of the door panels. Identifying a TRUE SS car comes down to being a detective. Ask LOTS of questions and dig around a unch. Best of luck!

04-10-2013, 02:15 PM
Forgot to include Bob, on the build sheet will be the first part of your Vin its in the top left corner of the build sheet box number 25 to be exact it will have 13637 there and the rest of the Vin is in the very top right hand corner the last six digits will be the top row and the first part will be below that, in the option boxes you will find a option listed as ss 396 or ss454 conversion. If it's a 396 such as my case it's option code ZL3. The build sheet is literally the only 100% proof that the cars original...having the Vin and the option listings.

Texas Bob
04-10-2013, 06:30 PM
Thanks again. I'll know more this weekend.