View Full Version : Jimi Day and FM3 Marketing - (LS Fest and the Optima Invitational)

08-19-2011, 07:46 AM

This week's podcast show guest was Jimi Day from FM3 Marketing. I know that a lot of you know Jimi and Wally Olczak from FM3 as their company is what's behind events like the Optima Invitational, LS Fest, the Midwest MuscleCar Challenge, and more.


I learned from Jimi that he used to be a Wall Street guy (literally) and left that all behind to play with cars for a living, so hopefully it will give some inspiration! Jimi also revealed the potential for a Street Car Series next year in this interview that could be a big deal to a lot of us....

Here's the link to the show on my site - just click the play button once you get there to listen. Jimi's segment starts at about the 15-minute mark. If you listen to the whole thing you'll get details on how to enter a monthly contest for a $200 TCI Gift Certificate.


-Rob K