View Full Version : 03 Duramax Diesel problems

Andrew McBride
12-22-2004, 02:40 PM
My father and I were heading up to another farm and got about 5 miles down the road and the engine just cut off like you turned the key. Tryed to restart the truck but the engine just turned over and doesn't even try to fire. We called the chevy house and asked for some tech advice and they said it could possible be the fuel guage, so we added 10 gallons, went ahead and replaced the fuel filter and primed it and nothing!! the truck has 36,000 miles. All I can think is 1. fuel pump is out, or 2. something electrical. We went ahead and shipped it to the dealer. Anyone have a clue of what this could be? seems a little soon for the fuel pump to die out, but then again anything is possible!! Anyone heard of anything like this?


12-22-2004, 03:22 PM
Only two things I can think of. Most engines today have an oil pressure cut off switch. If oil press drops below a certain amount, the computer will go to fail safe and shut the motor off. The wire could have come loose or the sensor could have failed. The other is the fuel pump, but I have never had one quit while running down the road.